Al Harris

Senior Associate

Al Harris is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in government, politics, marketing, business, and public relations. He adds a wealth of knowledge and skill to 1868 Public Affairs, using his previous experience navigating the complex terrain of state and federal government. Furthermore, his comprehensive awareness of legislative procedures, political dynamics, and strategic planning helps him to effectively advocate for clients and obtain positive outcomes. He has a track record of successful collaborations and meaningful initiatives.

Over the course of his career, Al has gained more than 20 years of experience in public affairs, including 11 years as a partisan staff member of the New Jersey Senate and General Assembly. During this period, he served as Special Assistant to the Senate President, Special Assistant to the Assembly Speaker, and co-founder and Executive Director of the Legislative Black and Latino Caucus.

With a broad range of experience, Al was appointed as the Director of State Government Relations for the New Jersey Housing Finance and Mortgage Department as well as the Bureau of Census, Philadelphia Region, within the United States Department of Commerce. In both positions, he managed the intricacies of government, leveraging his expertise in data analytics and demographics.

Al attended Ewing Public Schools and Lawrenceville School before attending Columbia University, where he majored in history with a specialization in political science. As part of his passion for imparting knowledge and sharing expertise, Al has taught marketing courses in Bergen Community College and Mercer County Community College Continuing Education, as well as contributing to the New Jersey Economic Development Authority's Entrepreneur Training Institute (ETI). As a single parent, Al raised two wonderful children, Mercy Negrita and Albert Allen Jr. This experience has been his greatest challenge and accomplishment, demonstrating his dedication and resilience. In 2005 Al married Wanda Valdes, a kindergarten teacher from Brooklyn, New York. They share a deep commitment to family values, education, and community service, traits that have been central to their relationship and family life.