What We Do

Founded in 2005 with the merger of several existing firms, 1868 Public Affairs is a full service government and public affairs consultancy with offices in Trenton, New Jersey. The partners and staff of 1868 Public Affairs possess diverse backgrounds and skills reflective of the complex government and business environments in which they work. Every advocacy need of our clients can be met by 1868 Public Affairs.

The name of our firm pays homage to the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which was ratified on July 28, 1868. As the most significant post-Civil War adoption, the 14th Amendment includes the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses that have formed the basis for ending legal discrimination and have become the foundation of individual liberty in modern times.

Conscious of these principles, we at 1868 Public Affairs are aggressive and forceful advocates for the rights and interests of our clients. We stand ready to help you win the day in the government or business marketplace.

Government Relations and Public Affairs are the primary functions and the core competencies of 1868 Public Affairs. The Principals of the firm are well positioned to effectively deal with New Jersey’s political, ethnic and geographic diversity. This gives our clients an increased opportunity to forge new relationships with the assistance of faces that are already familiar to our targets. Our clients will get the benefit of analysis and advice that is candid from both sides of the political spectrum and that takes into account many of the underlying political issues that drive behavior among government officials and public opinion throughout the State.

Our relationships on both sides of the political spectrum at the state and local level in New Jersey are without equal.

Like people, no two problems are alike. At 1868 Public Affairs we do not approach our clients with preconceived notions of how best to address their needs. We believe that such a cookie-cutter approach is rarely successful and typically the indicator of a firm’s greater desire to sign a client rather than meet that client’s real needs. Instead, we come to the table with an open mind and a desire to craft the best solution and most effective course of action.

While success in today’s public affairs arena often requires the application of a multi-disciplined approach, sometimes a situation is best handled with a more limited course of action. We believe that to be truly effective, we must be prepared to employ the full array of tactics that are part of modern public affairs. While we strive to meet each client’s needs in the most direct manner, we feel that it is important to be prepared to employ whatever tactics are necessary to bring about success.

Legislative & Regulatory Affairs/Monitoring

The way to get things done in New Jersey is changing. The face of government is changing, with senior decisionmakers coming from much more diverse backgrounds than ever before. Increased scrutiny on government ethics and pay-to-play reform has changed the way interest groups need to engage decision-makers.

Understanding these changes is the precursor to success when advocating for our clients.

1868 Public Affairs understands why these changes are occurring and proposes a blending of traditional efforts with fresh new ideas.

The strength of our team is the individuals on it…our experience, relationships, expertise and understanding of the need for new methods in the changing environment of government affairs and public outreach.

1868 Public Affairs also provides regular updates as to the status of pending legislation or regulations and copies of any new legislative or rulemaking initiative that impacts our clients’ interests.

Policy Intervention

Decisions that affect your concerns can happen at many levels. Whether it’s working with Executive Branch departments, lobbying Legislators, or affecting decisions of county or local governments, we understand where decisions are being made.

Budget & Legislative Advocacy

Legislative or budgetary actions can have long-standing — and sometimes unintentional — consequences. We use our expertise to identify these potential consequences and our experience to ensure that our clients’ needs are considered. In short, we provide our clients with a powerful voice in the budget and legislative process.

Government Marketing & Procurement

The continually escalating demand for products and services by state and local governments has resulted in a lucrative market worth hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

But successful marketing to governments at all levels is highly dependent on experience and an in-depth understanding of how these complex government acquisition systems work.

Our clients are successful in the competitive government procurement marketplace because 1868 Public Affairs takes a professional, realistic approach. Our strength lies in our hard work, in-depth research, long-standing relationships and the understanding of the customer’s needs.

Grassroots Mobilization

Oftentimes, decision-makers need to know that their constituents care about the actions they take. Grassroots mobilization efforts may be as small as a targeted telemarketing operation or as grand as the establishment of a coalition of concerned individuals who attend public meetings and speak out. Our firm understands the mechanics of grassroots organization and mobilization and will utilize our experience to build public awareness for the issue at hand.

Strategic Planning & Communications

Action without planning equals waste. Our firm helps clients analyze the situation they face, assess the resources at their disposal, and develop a strategic plan of action to achieve the client’s goal.

Every day, people — and decision-makers — are bombarded with thousands of pieces of information. Their mailboxes are full of junkmail, roughly one-third of their television viewing time is consumed by advertising, and newspapers have fallen victim to the quest for profits at the expense of in-depth reporting.

Those seeking to influence public opinion rarely get a second chance to make the right impression. Understanding what the public cares about and placing your issue within that framework determines whether or not you will successfully influence public opinions. As our background demonstrates, we have extensive experience in this field.

Our firm is equipped to handle all your strategic communications needs, including communications planning and positioning, media relations, public opinion research, direct mail and publications, and the production and placement of paid print, outdoor and electronic media.